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TRNSACT Milestone: Over $1 Billion in Transactions for Equipment Dealers

TRNSACT's Journey to $1 Billion in Transactions

At TRNSACT, we take immense pride in propelling thousands of equipment dealers forward with cutting-edge software designed to digitize critical facets of their operations. Our comprehensive platform spans sales, finance, and insurance, offering a suite of solutions that streamline online credit applications, automate payment offers, facilitate instant lender decisions, provide lending-as-a-service, and optimize workflows for peak efficiency. By seamlessly connecting dealers with their preferred lenders through secure digital workflows, we have successfully accelerated the approval process, resulting in a cumulative transaction value of $1 billion.

Going Beyond Numbers: Driving Market Share and Cultivating Vendor Partnerships

While reaching a billion dollars in transactions is a significant milestone, our success at TRNSACT goes beyond mere numbers. It's about propelling market share for our dealers and cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with vendor partners. Delivering a seamless experience in credit application management means we are not just facilitating business growth; we are igniting a positive ripple effect throughout the industry.

The TRNSACT leadership team is continually motivated by the transformative impact our platform has had on financing for customers, dealers, lenders, and the overall experience of buying commercial equipment. Leveraging our collective professional experience in the equipment industry, we are dedicated to delivering superior solutions and pioneering products designed to make a substantial impact. Hitting this 1B milestone is a significant start, but as we enter 2024, we are excited about pursuing even more ambitious goals.


Anticipating the Future of Equipment Finance

With our equipment dealer customer base expanding at an unprecedented rate and our platform gaining traction with F&I vendors nationwide, we stand on the brink of even faster growth. We envision reaching the next billion-dollar milestone in transactions by Q2 of 2024 while maintaining our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.

At the end of the day, TRNSACT isn't merely a platform for processing transactions; it's a conduit for industry growth driven by the hard work of our exceptional team, customers, and partners. Together, we are reshaping the landscape of commercial equipment finance, one transaction at a time.

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