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Trnsact CEO Beckham Thomas Receives Most Innovative Emerging Disruptors Award-2023

Congratulations Beckham Thomas, our CEO and Co-Founder on being selected as one of the Most Innovative Emerging Disruptors of 2023 in the Equipment Finance Industry. 


“For us, innovation is not merely a change, but a “game-changer. The disruption here is TRNSACT, a modern platform that’s changing the industry and behind it an incredible team that has been contributing to it for the last few years. This is the testimony of our dedication, effort, and remarkable leadership!" - Beckham Thomas

3X Winner of Industry Disruptor Award

This is the third year in a row that Monitor Daily has named Trnsact's CEO as an innovator/disruptor. Trnsact stands out as a pioneer in the embedded finance industry, offering cutting-edge solutions that cater to the needs of commercial equipment dealers. With a comprehensive range of technologies, tools, and resources, Trnsact empowers dealers to streamline their transactions with efficiency and security. By addressing the existing inconsistencies and lack of transparency in the industry, Trnsact's embedded finance products and payment solutions provide an intuitive turnkey solution that drives sales, opens new revenue channels, enhances operational efficiency, and elevates customer experiences. Discover more at

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construction equipment finance deal with excavator Construction Equipment Finance Management by Trnsact

At Trnsact we are transforming the way construction equipment dealers and lenders work together. Book a demo with a construction account manager to see how our platform maximizes dealer sales conversions with a turnkey solution that enables:

  • Accelerated closing times
  • Increased margins
  • Better customer experiences
  • Industry-leading compliance and security