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Trnsact Takeaways- AED Summit 2024

Earlier this month, TRNSACT joined the AED Summit in Las Vegas for our second year as exhibitors, presenting our cutting-edge solutions to the construction and agriculture industries. As a leading provider of commercial equipment software, the event was a prime opportunity to connect with colleagues and customers, share knowledge, and gain more insights into common industry challenges faced during 2023. Industry professionals from across the globe showcased their latest products and discussed their US growth strategies. With over 230 exhibitors, the American Equipment Distributors Summit is a great place to see the latest and most innovative advances in heavy equipment design and as industry veterans, we enjoyed seeing new "toys" and tools.


TRNSACT Team: Chris Martin, Ross Stites, and Beckham Thomas at AED Summit 2024

Hot Topic: Securing the Equipment Purchase Process

This year, the TRNSACT team noticed more conversations centering around data compliance and heightened security considerations as the industry undergoes its digital transformation. With a growing shift towards online transactions, the equipment manufacturers we spoke to want to understand their liability and safeguard their interests. One standout presentation was titled Securing Your Organization’s Information - A Deep Dive into the Digital Danger Zone by Prashanth Challa, a cybersecurity expert with Morgan Stanley who started his career with the NSA. This presentation touched on securing applications and user info to ensure sensitive digital data is protected, which is a popular benefit of the compliance tools available in TRNSACT softwareAnother notable highlight for those interested in security was a keynote dinner and conversation with General James Mattis, former US Secretary of Defense. In addition to privacy and security topics, we saw information presented on the use of AI, automating operations and sales processes, and tax changes. 

Beckham thomas aed presentation

TRNSACT CEO Beckham Thomas presenting at AED 2023

Benefiting the Future of the Equipment Industry

For the eighth consecutive year, the AED Foundation held a networking event and fundraiser to enhance the availability of future industry talent. The live auction and gala helps the Foundation accredit diesel-equipment technology college programs, advocate for increased federal investment, and foster awareness and interest among school-age students.


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