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ATD Show Recap- 2024 Trucking Industry Event

From February 1st to 3rd, the trucking industry converged in Las Vegas for the highly-anticipated ATD Show. As an industry-leading event, it was an occasion that brought together professionals and enthusiasts from across the commercial vehicle sector. TRNSACT was excited to be an exhibitor at this event, showcasing our cutting-edge solutions to a dynamic audience of truck dealership owners, commercial vehicle manufacturers, and trucking industry service providers. As a leading provider of software for commercial truck financing, the event allowed us to connect with colleagues and customers, share knowledge, and gain more insights into the regulatory challenges currently being faced by the truck industry. 



Football and Overcoming Regulatory Challenges

As football fans, we were looking forward to Hall of Famer Kurt Warner as a main stage speaker at the event. His discussion about chasing dreams in the face of adversity resonated deeply with us. As a tech startup, we found many parallels in his insights. While our team might not have experienced 3 Super Bowls, we've had our fair share of challenges to navigate. In the ever-evolving landscape of the commercial trucking industry, we've had to constantly adapt and overcome obstacles. This includes keeping our software ahead of new data privacy laws, meeting cyber security requirements, and adhering to stringent financial regulations. The TRNSACT team works hard to tackle these challenges head-on to ensure success for the Truck Dealers who rely on our software and compliance tools. 

Another highlight was the concluding address delivered by ATD Chariman Scott McCandless, who owns a dealership in Colorado. He delivered a powerful message to the dealers in attendance, urging them to actively engage with their local governments on regulatory policies impacting the trucking industry. Topics such as the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) and the increasing government regulations affecting commercial truck manufacturers were at the forefront of his remarks. McCandless emphasized the importance of advocacy and collaboration in addressing these crucial issues while emphasizing the need for a unified industry voice in shaping policy decisions.

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FAQs- Digital Compliance in Commercial Dealerships

During the event we had meetings and conversations with a variety of dealership leaders and we answered a truckload of questions. One prominent theme that resonated- no matter where the dealership was located- was Commercial Dealer Compliance and how regulatory changes will affect them. The digital transformation sweeping through the finance department in dealerships across the US has increased the need for decisive action around data compliance and security. As truck sales increasingly shift to online platforms, leaders seem increasingly concerned about their liability and asked the TRNSACT team how our new tools can protect their dealership from stress around data privacy and financial compliance. Like we told them, TRNSACT can't help with the EPA compliance rules that are worrying dealers but we've got digital compliance covered. 


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